Audience reaction from the Washington DC screening at the Newseum, June 27th 2017


“Written Off helps those who are misinformed or uninformed about addiction understand that we are all affected by it, directly or indirectly, and all vulnerable to it.”

“Compelling, Couraeous, Enlightening”

“As a heroin awareness advocate of 4 years, I am thankful for the awareness this movie brought to our community. Education is the key to prevention!”

“Heartbreaking, Disturbing, Thought Provoking”

“The film realistically portrays the struggle of the addict, and those affected by his behavior”

“Moving, Artistic, Informative”

“A powerful and inspirational film that should screen in every city hall in America”

“Real and Courageous”

“Written Off brings alive the humanity of those trapped in addiction. It tears down false ideas and challenges our tendency to stigmatize those affected.”

“Brilliantly told”

“Its about time that the voice of those that suffer is brought to the forefront of the “fight against opiate addiction.”

“Authentic and realistic”

“The honesty of Written Off will open your mind to what’s going on inside the mind of an addict and those who love one.”

“Watch and you will want to do something about opioid addiction.”

“Life-changing. It gives the overdose eppidemic a face — and heart”

“A film that will inspire you to get involved in the Drug Abuse epidemic and take action.”

“Written Off is a gripping account of how opioid abuse devastates the lives of our children and their families.”

“Written Off really personalized the opioid crisis and make me realize how close to home the story is.”