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Molly Hermann

Molly Hermann


MOLLY HERMANN is an award-winning producer, writer, and director who tells stories with focus, passion and clarity. Having worked around the world in a diverse array of locations – the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, the jungles of Papua New Guinea, the floor of the New York Stock Exchange – a remarkable breadth of experience with individuals, cultures and places shapes and informs her work. Molly is driven by a keen curiosity and a natural ability to connect with people on a level that gets at the heart and meaning of any story- from the tiniest amazing detail, to the big questions that reveal, embolden, and enlighten. Molly is the co-founder of the documentary production company The Biscuit Factory.


Rob Lyall


ROB LYALL is an award-winning Director of Photography who creates stunning images in film and digital formats for clients such as National Geographic, Discovery Channel, HBO Original Films, Smithsonian Channel, The History Channel, BBC, and many others.  Rob is a seasoned, dynamic, and innovative cinematographer, who has worked in all corners of the world in a variety of conditions.  With twenty years of experience in feature film, commercial, documentary, and broadcast production, his signature visual storytelling emphasizes a fusion of slick, high-end, commercial production with the organic and innovative world of documentary filmmaking. Rob has worked on series such as National Geographic’s Explorer, Discovery Channel’s Extreme Engineering, PBS’ NOVA, and specials such as The History Channel’s Sherman’s March and The Duel, with Richard Dreyfuss, as well as short form and feature length projects like the Academy Award-nominated film Spellbound. Rob is the co-founder of the documentary production company The Biscuit Factory.




KERRY SULLIVAN has been editing award-winning documentary films for over a decade. Her work has been seen on The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Smithsonian, and The History Channel. She was the Gold Medal winner for Best Editing in 2004 for National Geographic Explorer. Kerry enjoys the process of developing a story and bringing it to the screen in a unique way. “Written Off” is her first feature film.